March 21, 2023

Information Technology by cobuman

Photoscan, a new way to take old pictures.

Do you have old photos that you would love to share on your favorite media website, like Facebook or SnapChat?

Well, you’re in luck because today Google has announced and released a new app called Photoscan that lets you do just that. What it does is allows you to scan your old photos and perfectly saves them to your phone as professional-looking pictures, which have no glare whatsoever…

Typically, if you wanted a decent copy of an old photo you would have to purchase additional equipment in form of scanners or copiers. Starting today this is no longer needed. Photoscan allows you to take professional like scans of any photo.

For magic to work, Photoscan uses your phone camera which has you scan the photo at different angles. Doing so it actually takes four different pictures of the same photo; which then are cut in to pieces by the software and rearranged into a format that will display a photo without any glare.  Simply put, what it does is removes glare from photos by combing four different pictures and only keeping angles that have no glare present.

Imagine this; if you were to look at a picture from different angles you can see that glare only appears in certain spots and by detecting this, Google’s app knows how to put it back together; removing any parts that have glare. But, there is a little more to it… In order for Photoscan to function, it also has to detect the edges of the photo taken in order to cut, rotate, and crop, recreating a beautiful photo.

Not only does it scan your old photos but gives you excellent looking digital copies in seconds.

If you happen to have really old and worn out pictures, then some adjustments may be in order.

Photoscan has a built-in editing system for balancing exposure, saturation; and it also gives you different options to use as a filter to your liking. Among some of the filter options are Metro, Blush, West, and a few other ones that you might be interested in.  This certainly depends on your style and your taste in photos.

Photoscan is no doubt an amazing app that is available right now for both Android and iOS and the web.