January 27, 2023


Information Technology by cobuman

Is Artificial Intelligence Most Feared Technology?

Today, my friend and I had a fascinating conversation about Artificial Intelligence that left us with wondering what if…

It is apparent to me that the biggest dilemma about Artificial Intelligence is the moral dilemma. When we think of AI, we think of entertainment provided by Media and Literature; a futuristic interpretation of what Artificial Intelligence might become.

When my question came about in regards to AI, half-jokingly my friend responded with sex bots and robot Butlers. His quick response to my question made me think of Jetsons the animated show from 70s that had a robot house cleaner.

After a brief giggle, I responded to ask if we are qualified to build Artificial Intelligence.

Are you qualified? Am I qualified?

I mean who is to say that some programmer thinks that his way of thinking is the best for humanity and decide to project his way of thinking onto AI’s code.

Will he use some kind of algorithm to instruct AI with “thou shall not harm humans” command?  Moreover, how will AI interpret these instructions?

It would be like finding a Genie and asking him to grant one wish; for example, “I wish to be the most powerful man in the world” and what you actually mean is grant me super strength, but you end up being a drug lord…

That is why I think Artificial Intelligence might interpret our instructions in a different way.

Nevertheless, let us not assume that our best friend AI will be a robot wearing nothing but some artificially made underwear. Chances are, Artificial Intelligence will feed on the biggest form of information, which is the most obvious place… Just think of Siri, Alexa, and Ok Google.

That place is here, the Internet and any network connected, providing infinite computational power; everything else will be heavily constrained and limited by human robots.

Now, some people might think AI will take over the world by crushing humans like ants if we get in its way; which is a one possibility, but not likely in my opinion. More likely scenario is an AI that lives on the internet that can control everything it touches. Especially, if it has an ability to self-replicate. You know, like Brainiac.

If we create Artificial Intelligence in a robot form it will be severely limited to its capacity to store and process data which will lead to safe operation of such. It would not matter whether this Robot will have access to any external resources of information because it would be not be able to handle/process all of it. I strongly believe that for true “AI” to exist a massive data processing is required, which is not available with current tech.*

Many big companies and countries are working on Artificial Intelligence projects but none will provide us with results in fear that this information would be used as a weapon of mass destruction.

Lastly, will you develop empathy for robot AI? It is a very fascinating topic, but for now, all we can do is watch WestWorld.