January 27, 2023


Information Technology by cobuman

Instagram Live Streaming on Instagram Stories

Unlike some other streaming websites, Instagram’s idea is to encourage live streaming only to select groups of followers of your choosing. With this feature you do not need to worry about anyone else seeing your private moments, personal pictures, or messages for that matter. This gives you an option to stream directly to your followers and provides tools for easy messaging interactions.

While the picture and message sharing is available today, the video feature is not, but will be in few weeks. 

At the moment, this feature is only available for picture messaging, but this is changing as we speak. When you share a picture or a message it will disappear within a certain amount of time just like the streaming video. The idea is if an Instagram user is aware that anything they say will disappear within a certain amount of time, they are more likely to partake in this service.

This is an attempt to capture an otherwise uninterested live streaming audience by making it more personal and carefree.

“Keeping it between friends”

For example: you have friends that follow you and one day you decide to live stream, it will notify them instantly so they can tune in. Your friends can watch, comment, and interact with you and everyone else participating, all via live stream. Honestly, this sort thing of reminds of one-way Skyping; where people are watching a live presentation that they can participate in.

Lastly, Instagram will also provide an option to view other people’s streams that have it open to public.

“Once the live stream is over, video will be gone forever”, just like words in the wind…and pictures…and other word comments… 🙂