January 29, 2023


Information Technology by cobuman

Casey Neistat Sells Beme Video App to CNN

Beme is a social video app that was launched previous year by Casey Neistat, a vastly popular YouTube star. This app allows you to share short videos clips quickly and easily; similar to likes of Snapchat and Instagram.

CNN’s purchase is valued at $25 million dollars and it comes with Neistat’s 11 employees including himself as part of running new media platform headed by Casey; reported by “The Wall Street Journal”.

Casey Neistat has quit the productions of daily vlogs in order to concentrate on the new project with CNN, but will not stop producing YouTube videos on his main channel. His channel is not part of the deal and he is free to utilize it as such.

This will introduce CNN to app based Video technology and very large audience that follows with Mr. Neistat. CNN also stated that they would research new ways to relate CNN media through Beme video app; meaning make relevant to Casey’s audience.

It is worth to point out that CNN will shutdown Beme in order to rebuild it, and any videos stored will be become unavailable; a warning to current users.

Casey Neistat has almost 6 million followers on YouTube which are mostly Millennials that may not necessarily relate to any news media that CNN has to offer. If they can find a way to retain this type of audience, it surely will be a great success.