January 22, 2023


Information Technology by cobuman

Netflix Offline Movie Downloads

Starting today, you can download Netflix movies directly to your phone for offline viewing pleasureThis was announced in response to many requests for such feature, but only available to iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4.2 or later. Of course, in order to use this feature you will need the latest version of Netflix app. After you update your Netflix app you will get an option to view “Available to Download” section. This is where you can rejoice in vast amount of video options available for offline viewing.

How many times have you come in a situation where you need to kill some time but the internet connection is limited or super expensive?

The Netflix app will provide you with an option to download your favorite movie or show conveniently stored inside “My Downloadsfolder. You will have an option to download two versions of the same video; standard or high definition… Downloaded video will delete itself after certain period in order to make space for future downloads. However, you can delete downloaded files manually if so desired; through app’s interface.

Now you can binge watch anything from “Stranger Things to “Friends. Those long vacation trips may not be so bad anymore…

The main concern would be the download size of each video; considering how storage constraints can be an issue. Sure, in some phones, you can add additional storage via sd cards, but a lot of big brand phones don’t allow for such expansion. Luckily, the download sizes are not that bad. For example, average duration of show lasting an hour, HD quality download is around 400mb*.

The reason this could not happen sooner is legal issues/rights Netflix had to work out with available content owners.

I am sure Netflix users will be happy to download many hours of their favorite show, but just to be safe I would want to keep extra 2 – 3 GB of free storage; in case you decide to binge all you can.