March 21, 2023

Information Technology by cobuman

Skype Translate, Universal Translator of the future.

Available only to Windows 10 Insider Preview users, Skype Translate now has the ability to perform real time language translations when dialing another phone number. With the new version updated through Windows 10, named “Skype Preview”, the call receiver no longer needs to have Skype installed on their computer.

This takes “Skype Translator” to a new level, because previously it required both parties to have Skype installed. Keep in mind that, in order to take advantage of such feature Skype Credits are required to make calls, or a monthly subscription in order to reach a third party, whom does not have Skype.

Below is the current list of supported languages:

Portuguese (Brazilian)

However, for text messaging, translate feature supports over 50 different languages, as an alternative of course.

To reiterate, Skype calls are free and still are but only when both users have Skype installed. This is why direct calls to Mobile or Land Lines cost money. In this case, only one of the Skype users will pay for the calling cost; person that initiates the call over Skype, but not the receiver of the call.

To be fair, Skype has always charged for direct calls to anything but its own platform.

This amazing technology reminds me of watching Star Trek and how they were able to have conversations with all kinds of different species across the universe, by a simple click of a button…What was it called….? Ah yes, the “Universal Translator”.