January 24, 2023


Information Technology by cobuman

Dobot M1 Robotic Arm offers a Helping Hand to Business

Automated robotic arms are used in many industrial applications. Anything from packaging to precise machine work that requires a steady hand.

Designed for a much smaller scale in mind, you can now support a Kickstarter campaign that offers a versatile robotic arm called “Dobot M1: Pro Robotic Arm for Makers and Businesses”. It has many different features in forms of head attachments including suction cups, laser engraving, soldering, and 3d printing.

These are just some of the examples Dobot M1 can be setup to perform; it can be customized specifically for what your business may need.

As opposed the industrial level robotics, Dobot M1 offers an affordable solution for fraction of the cost.

“Dobot M1 has .02mm repeat-ability. It can also handle payloads of up to 1.5kg with easy to change standardized heads.”

The programing of Dobot M1 is accomplished via wireless software available on PC and smart phone. Many customizations are possible including the use of multiple arms; which is a handy feature to have.

The most common example of automated technology is found in car advertising commercials, in which robotic arms are performing amazing amounts of work in a very short amount of time.

The main reason why most people cannot afford robotic assembly arms is the high cost of ownership. Dobot M1 price point is below $2000 making it affordable for smaller business or hobby enthusiasts. If you’d like to back this Kickstarter campaign you can do so here.

The work applications for Dobot M1 are almost endless because you can program it to accomplish just about any task that involves precise movement.  Most likely, this Kickstarter campaign will lead to mass production due to funding goal being surpassed; but I do hope replacement parts will be readily available because anytime you deal with moving parts they tend to break often.