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Ancient earthworks uncovered in the Amazon Jungle

Hundreds of ancient earthworks have been discovered in the Amazon, which up until now, had been lost to nature over the years, and have only recently reclaimed by deforestation. The structures, described as ditched enclosures, are contained within an area roughly 13,000 km2 within the Brazilian rainforest. Hypotheses abound, from village borders to defensive erections, but they have all been... Read More
Facebook Fake News News Technology 

Facebook Agrees to Filter Fake News Working With French News Media

In a complete turnaround from their policy immediately after the American election, Facebook has decided to cooperate with French news providers to prevent fake news from having an influence on their election. By making it easier to flag certain stories as hoaxes, and also creating a fact-checking platform, Facebook intends to avoid any future problems with fake news. Read More

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