January 30, 2023


Information Technology by cobuman

Pokemon Go Special Event Valentine’s Day February 15th

This Wednesday, starting at 7pm, and running until 7pm on the 15th, Pokémon Go will let loose a new wave of fun for 2017 smartphone users whose interest in the original release may have waned. Whether you want to play with your spouse, stay alone and outside, or search for that perfect love who shares in your quirks and hobbies, this is the game for this holiday.

Couples Play

No longer will couples vacillate about what their Valentine’s Day agenda should include. Pokémon Go is hosting a Valentine’s Day event until the 15th of February, one which will offer an increase in duration of lures, some up to six hours.

Embodying the theme of love, players will get a gallimaufry of lures this coming holiday, each lasting a different length of time, some up to twelve times that of their standard duration. Lovers, couples, spouses, all have the chance to get engaged and do something unique this Valentine’s.

Finding True Love

Of course, those who have been feckless in the past, hesitating too long to ask the right person out, are getting a second chance. Pokémon Go is giving players a chance to find love with other players and they stand outside local shops waiting for a virtual monster to enslave, hopefully looking up just long enough to come face-to-face with another player.

Solitary Happiness

Of course for those who prefer to stay along on this Hallmark holiday, the event will showcase pink Pokémon more often, so Chansey, Clefable, Porygon and others will show themselves more often on this special day. There will not be any new characters added here, but there is always hope.

What’s more, there are more rewards, and everyone enjoys an uplifting piece of positive reward in the middle of the week.

And sprinkling the holiday with an Easter theme, Cleffa, Igglybuff and Smoochum will hatch from eggs too.

Finally, users get the veritable candy avalanche with player receiving double candy for completing almost anything in the game. It might not be as great as receiving real candy, but it is certainly better on your teeth.