January 26, 2023


Information Technology by cobuman

Sony Applies for patent on Camera Eye Lens of the future

As its claimed by patent application; this futuristic contraption is supposed to allow the eye lens wearer to record images by blinking. The images that it records are stored inside storage medium, which is located externally from the eye lens. The transfer of images is accomplished by wireless transmission to the external device.

The lens camera knows to record when predetermined amount of blinks activate it’s functions. For example; If wearer blinks twice or more, it will serve as input function for the camera.* These actions can tell the eye lens when to record and when to stop recording…

Sony's Eye Camera Patent
Sony’s Eye Camera Patent

Camera has multi sensor configurations which are infrared, acceleration and piezoelectric. One of the sensor functions is to detect tilt of eye display unit- in order to stabilize the images.*

Needless to say, this type of technology could revolutionize the way we take photos and record video, bringing an actual point of view to viewers… From the looks of it, stabilization may become an issue when recording and it may be a deterrent to some. However, movie productions have utilized shaky cam as means of masking the obvious flaws in film. Of course, this is assuming that Sony’s Tech will be used in professional movie productions.

Lastly, would anyone take time to get prescriptions just to wear this technology? Who knows, maybe Sony’s Eye Lens is not meant for consumers but for hospitals or emergency personnel…

This story reminds of a sci-fi short story narrated below. If you would like to read about patent details, you can do so here.