March 22, 2023

Information Technology by cobuman

An Apple a Day Keeps Employees at Bay: Apple Park Opens in April

Cupertino is now home to a 175 acre rolling parkland, and what just happens to be the most energy-efficient building in the world: Apple Park. Apple announced today that this large campus will be ready for Apple employees come April.

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It is predicted to take well over six months to move all of the 12,000 employees to the park, and the construction will continue throughout summer.

Originally envisioned by Steven Jobs as a place for creativity and collaboration, this park has transformed a sprawl of asphalt into a heavenly green space right in the center of the Santa Clara Valley. The campus boasts a ring shape and the main building reaches 2.8 million square feet, the entirety of which is clad in the biggest curved glass panels in the world.

In honor of Steve’s would-be birthday and the influence he has had on the world, the theater inside Apple will be named for him. Later this year the theater will open its 1,000 seats to visitors. With a 20 foot tall glass cylinder, it has a diameter of 165 feet and supports a metallic carbon-fiber roof. Situated on a hill, it is one of the highest points in Apple Park and looks out over the main building and meadows.

In addition to the theater, the park will have a visitors center complete with an Apple Store and café, which will eventually be open to the public. Employees will find a 100,000 square foot fitness center as well as secure research and development facilities. Parklands will provide two miles of walking and running paths for the employees to enjoy, in addition to the orchard and pond.

Overall, Apple Park replaces 5 million square feet of asphalt with 9,000 native and drought resistant plants all of which are well-manicured.

It will run on the biggest on-site solar installation boasting 17 megawatts of rooftop solar power, making it powered by 100% renewable energy. What’s more, it will boast the biggest naturally ventilated building in the world, one which will not require any air conditioning or heating for nine months out of the year.