March 19, 2023

Information Technology by cobuman

YouTube TV Makes Debut Offers Live Streaming Service

YouTube has finally revealed its live TV service. After watching nearly every other website with posted videos make the leap toward a live TV streaming service offered for members, YouTube has decided it is time to get involved with YouTube TV. But the decision to postpone launch until present was not done in hast.

youtube tv
youtube tv

During the interim, while other websites were merely offering live streaming services for their existing video content, YouTube was inking contracts with media companies like CBS who was the first network to sign up. Following their lead, 21st Century Fox and Comcast also jumped on board, bringing with them their subsequent channels including ESPN, ABC, Disney, and NBC.

With a family of six accounts, you get over 40 broadcast and cable channels for just $35 per month without a long term contract. Right now though, it is only launching in markets where viewers can get access to live local broadcast feeds such as New York, L.A., and Philadelphia. National coverage and sports are not all viewers can enjoy. Following in the footsteps of Amazon and Netflix, YouTube is launching 28 original series to garner increased support.

In addition to offer a bigger lineup of content, YouTube TV is stood up by the only company in the world with the most experience in high definition streaming, high quality videos online, apps that never crash, and seamless mobile integration. What’s more, YouTube TV is challenging traditional cable by providing a DVR which never runs out of space, one which can record more than one thing at a time. Thanks to cloud-based technology, YouTube TV users can save all of the shows they want directly to the cloud. Recommendations will be offered, tailored to each user and the shows they have previously watched/recorded.

Finding new content that builds upon personal interests will allegedly be easier than ever. With their unique app, users can scan the things they want to watch by moving through channels. There is a live section where broadcast content is available, a library and a home section. Users can utilize the search function, command YouTube TV by voice, and engage with other community members in real time.