November 28, 2022

Information Technology by cobuman

Wikileaks Website Leaks Information About Supposed CIA Spying Techniques

Wikileaks has released over 8,000 documents as of March 7th. Wikileaks, not affiliated with Wikipedia, is a website which contains a database, or more accurately a collection, of leaked, classified, and confidential documents and/or diplomatic cables.

Rather than providing access to thousands of written pieces of information or content, this site is where leaked information is housed, some of which has historically caused many geopolitical issues, especially when things such as private data and the covers of agents has been released.

At present, Wikileaks is making news once more as it sets out to release an even higher number of leaked and/or classified documents which relate specifically to the CIA. These claims are that they have taken these 8,000 documents from the CIA. The documents have yet to be independently verifies and the CIA has not commented on the matter.

The CIA has a great many cyber capabilities and works alongside organizations such as the Pentagon and the NSA. For this reason, they may not be the lead agency in the U.S. for cyber intelligence, a title given to the NSA, but they do nonetheless have partnerships with the organizations and conduct themselves in overseas operations mostly of a covert variety.

CIA, wikileaks monitoring*
CIA Octopus Monitoring*

The results of this stand to cause a great deal of disruption not only to the American people, but the American politicians in particular. What’s more, given the nature of the CIA and its work, it stands to reason that the international ramifications will be extensive. Information which is released will no doubt be released slowly, not all at once, so that people can process the information that is had and enjoy a serious debate about it. In previous situations similar to this, the documents which were given by Wikileaks by any handful of sources were slowly released, large quantities at a time.

One of the allegations is that the documents stolen from the DNC during the last U.S. election are soon to be released on their site as well. The coming days will no doubt reveal a great deal more about the situation and the subsequent consequences therein.