March 21, 2023

Information Technology by cobuman

Galaxy S8 Details Start to Come Out as we approach the release date

There are always new phones coming out, but some companies are under more pressure to perform than others. For example, after Nintendo’s poor performance over the last several years, they had more pressure than ever to deliver a great product with the Nintendo Switch. With Samsung there was the battery fiasco of 2016 when Galaxy Note 7’s started spontaneously going up in flames. So now Samsung has the opportunity for a comeback with the Galaxy S8.

Details are just starting to leak about the Galaxy S8, just as Samsung readies themselves for their big press conference on March 29th. There were almost 20 leaks about the S8 and S8+ over the weekend and even Samsung is getting in on the hype by adding their own rumors to the mix.

Lots of details have been leaked, but the most interesting ones pertain to the idea of the “phone of the future.” What this refers to is the phone will have the slimmest bevels to date, bringing the world closer to the ideal of the “all screen” phone.

We are seeing numerous assessments of the new phone all over the web, but we’re just going to cover the important facts. First, the phone is expected to go on sale around April 28th, although this is obviously not set in stone until Samsung themselves announce it. The price is expected to be around £799 for the S8 and £899 for the S8+, which would still keep the price under $1000 USD.

Additionally, the home button is planned to be removed from the screen and integrated into the software instead. We will see the fingerprint scanner moved to the back of the phone, with a high likelihood a retina scanner is installed on the front. More incredible is the rumor that Samsung will be using a face reading technology to verify payments starting several months after the release of the phone.

All of these features are interesting on their own and remind us that hardware everywhere is still improving at a rapid rate. For Samsung’s fate, let’s hope it has improved enough to make customers forget about the scandals of last year.

Edit: attached video review, 03/29/2017