January 22, 2023


Information Technology by cobuman

Microsoft Introduces Creators Update Improving Windows 10 Platform Features

Today Microsoft announced that the next notable update to Windows 10 will arrive on April 10th. Dubbed the “Creators Update,” it is expected to change a lot of the user interface while still leaving a lot of the back-end tools very similar.

The update itself is already available to insiders, but a few details are being finalized before its release to the entire world. So far, the reviews that have come in have been mixed regarding the effectiveness of the update. Some users find it to be extremely helpful, and others find it to be clunky and bothersome.

One review has dubbed this another attempt by Microsoft to control what applications are used on Windows 10. Windows has always had an annoying habit of pushing the applications that come built in with the operating system, even when the third party applications have a clear advantage to the user, and this seems to be one more example of this strategy.

Win10 Windows Product Family Web
Win10 Product Family:source:MS

Windows 10 pushes its own browser, Edge, in place of Chrome all too frequently. This update has served to make Edge a little more palatable by adding extra tabbing tools, but Chrome still comes out on top in every way. The video game accessory Twitch is also having a replacement offered in the form of Beam, another livestreaming tool.

Another review seems to believe that the update is worth the hype and brings a lot of extra value to the Windows 10 platform. The update comes with lots of tools for any creative or gaming types. Cortana has had some holes filled in and been given some extra functionality, and now there’s even a special facial authentication tool in the update. These baby steps don’t feel like much, but they are all moves towards a more self-contained and streamlined version of the Windows package. Much like how Apple has its own ecosystem, it is clear Microsoft would like to eventually have the same thing.

This is just one step, which albeit is getting mixed reviews, but it is a step. The update will roll out to existing users for free on April 11th, but it’s important to remember new users will still have to pay $120-$200 for Windows 10.