March 19, 2023

Information Technology by cobuman

Advanced Micro Devices Company Stock Rises With Record Numbers

In the past decade, we’ve seen substantial growth in the area of computer processing technology, both for gaming and professional-grade use. It’s no secret that one semiconductor company, Intel, champions the production and market share of technology such as microchips.

One of their competitors, and one of the only ones that pose a true threat to Intel’s market share, just released a line of computer processors that presents technology similar to Intel’s latest release, for a fraction of the price. The company that released the processors: AMD, or Advanced Micro Devices.

AMD’s latest innovation in computer processor technology mainly comes in the form of a line of processors known as Ryzen CPUs. Advanced Micro Devices released their latest current Ryzen CPU, the Ryzen 7, in early March of this year. The next in line, the Ryzen 5, is expected to drop into the market on April 11th.

Intel certainly needs to be on its heels; the Ryzen 7 has all the technological specs of the latest Intel processor, for a very small price. The exact price is expected to be $249 and will feature AMD’s highly-touted “Zen” construction, as reported here

The release of the Ryzen 7 has resulted in a staggering increase in the price of AMD’s stock, as reported here. It has been almost ten years since AMD’s stock price has been $15.55 a share.

New York Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange

The aforementioned rise in stock price is clearly linked to the releases of several models of Ryzin processors over the past year, the most recent of them featuring the coveted Zen architecture. The release is only part of the plan, however; The CEO of Advanced Micro Devices, Lisa Su, urges her company to keep its vision powering forward.

Su hopes to put a dent in the PC market, a market that is, for the most part, dominated by Intel-powered computers. She wants AMD to win a market share of 1% this year, and 4% next year, as reported here.

The over-arching question from this recent stock rise seems to be – can Intel mount a response to AMD’s latest processor innovation? Undercutting matching Intel processors by almost 50% is a surreal reality.

AMD is making it happen, however, with its latest line of Ryzen processors. Boasting similar specs to that of the latest Intel processors for less than half the price, it’s easy to see where its stock market success has come from.