children using laptop for livestream video* News Science Technology 

Livestreaming: The science behind the fad

Occasionally, the International Space Station livestreams the landscape it sees outside of its’ portholes. The US Park’s Department has several cameras set up in its’ parks showing live feeds of several interesting animals, from bald eagles to just serene country-sides. From time to time marine biologists livestream their deep-sea expeditions for thousands of intrigued people. Now, you can join several... Read More
Samsung Galaxy s8 Leak* by Evan Blass @evleaks twitter. News Technology 

Galaxy S8 Details Start to Come Out as we approach the release date

There are always new phones coming out, but some companies are under more pressure to perform than others. For example, after Nintendo’s poor performance over the last several years, they had more pressure than ever to deliver a great product with the Nintendo Switch. With Samsung there was the battery fiasco of 2016 when Galaxy Note 7’s started spontaneously going... Read More
Space Travel News Science Technology 

SpaceX’s successful Dragon Capsule could be the first step towards space travel

After a historic launch from Cape Canaveral last month, SpaceX’s Dragon Capsule returned from its’ duties at the International Space Station carrying over 3,800 lbs of materials and scientific data from the international crew of astronauts on board. This successful round trip is yet another major victory for Elon Musk’s space company, as they hope to expand their services from... Read More
Nuclear Weapon Test Site News Science Technology 

US Government declassifies previously unseen footage; hundreds of nuclear tests

For over 65 years over 10,000 films sat in a government archive, on them, footage of 750 secret nuclear tests that were carried out by the US government between 1945 and 1962. Despite being badly stored and on the verge of total decomposition, a team of film experts from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) led by nuclear weapons physicist... Read More
Industry Smog Pollution in China* News Science 

China’s pollution crisis worsened by changing weather pattern

China has been suffering from high levels of air pollution and smog for several years as the country struggles to cope with its’ own rapid industrialization and poor history in environmental legislation. Although it has fervently been working on rectifying its’ environmental issues, moving its’ energy portfolio towards a more renewable agenda, shutting down coal plants and investing over $364... Read More
Space Debris Junk, Radar News Science Technology 

NASA’s latest ground radar technology leads to several space debris

A series of innovations from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory have led to new technology being implemented to the space agency’s interplanetary radar system.  The new and improved technology is expected to help planners for future moon missions, as well as helping locate and identify missing spacecraft and debris. So far, the latter has seen some success. During an experimental run... Read More
global warming, climate change in cities News Science Technology 

With nations dragging their feet on climate change, cities are picking up the slack

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently touted coal as the future of Australia’s energy portfolio despite the renewable technology industry overtaking the country’s struggling coal mining sector. Meanwhile, India is planning to open one of the largest open-air coal mine in the world, whilst its’ solar capacity tripled in the past three years to an impressive 10,000 MW. At the... Read More
yeast cells News Science Technology 

Scientists close to synthesizing the entire genome of baker’s yeast

A team of researchers at New York University are close to achieving a scientific first according to the group’s lead geneticist Jef Boeke announced. The Synthetic Yeast 2.0 Project has been able to almost fully synthesize the genome of baker’s yeast, continuing the work they’d begun in 2014 when they managed to create the first “designer chromosome” to replace part... Read More
Mars Potatoes Painting News Science Technology 

Study shows that potatoes can grow on Mars; experiment was a success

Author of The Martian, Andy Weir might have been on to something when he made his character survive his time on Mars by successfully planting and cultivating potatoes, with a group of scientists from the International Potato Center (CIP) close to confirming that the vegetable can indeed survive the Red Planet’s harsh conditions. Locked within a controlled and sealed environment... Read More

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