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Cassini probe set to burn up in Saturn’s atmosphere after history-making last mission

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft is about to go down in the blaze of glory as it begins its descent through Saturn’s rings in what will be the craft’s last mission. Far from an uncontrolled descent made by a non-responsive asset, Cassini is being guided through its’ final dive as scientists from NASA aim to make the most out of the spacecraft’s... Read More
tree stump on mars fake Science 

Mars’ “ancient tree stump” an example in how fake news has gained a foothold in today’s media

The internet, as it so often does, has taken a non-story and run with it. After recent photos from Mars were released, several sensationalist news sites published stories revolving around an “ancient tree stump” that NASA had apparently discovered. This ancient tree stump, which scientists identified as an irregular rock pattern, has taken a life of its own through the... Read More
Antarctica Ice shelf meltwater News Science 

Antarctica Ice shelf aggravated by climate change; Scientists discover a meltwater system

Scientists have made an unsettling discovery in Antarctica, as two recent papers published in Nature outline. Thanks to several years’ worth of satellite imagery and data of remote areas of Antarctica, scientists were able to identify a vast system of pools and streams of meltwater across the continent. Although this isn’t a new development, scientists have known for decades of... Read More
Space Debris News Science 

Space debris, the next biggest issue on scientists’ agenda (750,000 + parts floating around Earth)

Ever since we started exploring space over fifty years ago, we have sent out probes, launched satellites, built a space station and propelled innumerable amounts of scientific above Earth. At some point, machines break down, outlive their useful lives, or become obsolete and are eventually replaced by a newer model or upgraded version. However, the out-of-date technology doesn’t come back... Read More
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Electric Car Comparison (going green): Tesla vs Chevy Bolt EV vs Nissan Leaf vs BMW i3 EV

It has become commonly accepted that electric cars are the future and they are going to change the world. Fossil fuels are slowly ruining the environment and any big push towards an economy that isn’t so dependent on oil will result in huge gains for the entire globe. The four biggest contenders to dominate the electric car space are the... Read More

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