January 27, 2023


Information Technology by cobuman

Automotive crash avoidance technology can save lives

Crash avoidance technology has been around for little bit over a decade and in most cases has presented itself as emergency braking systems.

In the early stages of this technology, the most common approach was to provide braking assistance to driver of the vehicle.  When driver fails to respond or react to approaching object it would brake on his behalf.  Different car manufacturers applied the same idea by using different types of technology.  One example is use of lasers that measure distance between vehicles or obstacles, commonly known as Lidar; and the alternative is the use of small cameras to accomplish the same thing.

radar illustration
radar illustration*

Nowadays, more and more car manufacturers are employing this type of technology to help save lives, and to market their products as a way of standing out from competition.  Whatever the reason maybe, this technology is sure to save many lives especially considering how many distractions are causing accidents and loss of life.

car accident-illustration
car accident illustration

According to NHTSA, “research shows that 94% of crashes are tied to human choice or error”.  Although, this may be a statistic, it is not hard to imagine how this could be true-simply by observing people on the road.

With so many people texting, checking their Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, this type of human assistance technology is certainly welcome.  To be fair, statistically speaking, speeding and reckless driving is the main cause of accidents in USA.

Demonstrated by Adam Savage from Tested, below you can watch a demonstration of automatic emergency braking system or as he calls it “crash imminent braking”.  Stay safe out there…