March 19, 2023

Information Technology by cobuman

Dissecting the Xbox One and PS4’s Advanced Versions: Are They Worth the Buy?

If you had any gaming system when you were younger or if you still have one now, odds are that you’re either team PlayStation or Team Xbox. After more than a decade of putting new game systems onto the market, we’d think there would be a clear gamer favorite by now. Turns out the feud still exists, and with the upcoming release of Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio (A Polished Xbox One), there is still fuel being added to the fire.

Released several years ago, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 both had barrier-shattering graphics and unheard of performance. Sony released an enhanced model of the PlayStation 4 known as the PS4 Pro, whereas Microsoft hasn’t done so yet, but plans to do so soon with its Xbox Scorpio. The Scorpio will make its debut around the holidays of this year, as reported here.

console circuit board
console circuit board (hardware)

Are these sophisticated gaming devices worth your money? Or will they suck your wallet dry, albeit not performing as well as you would’ve hoped? We think they’re worth the purchase, although the price of the Xbox Scorpio is unknown at this point.

PS4 Versus PS4 Pro

The PS4 Pro leaves the PS4 in the dust, as far as graphics and performance are concerned. With a 1.84 TFLOP AMD Radeon compared to news version which has 4.2 TFLOP AMD Radeon, the PS4 Pro stands far above its predecessor. This performance is enhanced, even more, by a walloping amount of additional storage (1TB), an extra USB 3.1 output, extra memory for applications such as Netflix (8+1gb), and a graphics processor that’s more than twice as powerful as the original PS4’s processor, as reported here.

PS4 Console
Original Sony PlayStation4 Console
Sony PlayStation4 Pro Console
New Sony PlayStation4 Pro Console

On a 4k resolution display, the enhancements are most noticeable. You’d be fine to use it on a conventional 1920x1080p display, however. We’d recommend upgrading if you can afford it!

Xbox Scorpio Versus Xbox One

Xbox One Console
Xbox One Console

This comparison is a little trickier to make than the previous one, due to the fact that there aren’t many games that have been tested on the Scorpio at this point, nor has it even been made available for sale yet. With all of this being said, however, the Scorpio will feature a processor that’s akin to that of a gaming computer, as well as the ability to be played through UHD televisions. If that isn’t mouth-watering, I don’t know what is!

The Scorpio will certainly be worth purchasing when it’s available for us to buy! Too long has there been a distinct difference between computer and console gaming. With consoles such as the Scorpio, the difference gap is beginning to shrink.

Editor update: Xbox one X Scorpio is available for purchase here.