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Becoming more environmentally friendly: dispelling the myths

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Have you ever wondered what it meant to be more environmentally friendly? Whilst you may often hear about how our current way of life is incompatible with sustainable growth, you may be surprised about how little you need to change your habits to make a considerable difference to the planet. You don’t need to give up your livelihood or creature comforts to be able to become more eco-friendly, you just need to be more aware about your actions and decisions. Believe it or not, you can do so on any budget, and better yet, it may help improve your financial situation!

low wattage bulb left (cfl)
low wattage bulb L(cfl)

Low-wattage bulbs and consumption-conscious appliances have already become a staple in modern living, and show just how easy it is for people to swap to an environmentally friendly option. Small things like ensuring you buy sustainably sourced foods, or certified environmentally friendly products from your local supermarket, as well as deciding to walk or use public transport to go somewhere instead of using the car are some cheap, minor changes.


Others, like recycling or being less wasteful with your electricity or food consumption are also within reach, albeit needing slightly more awareness as to your own actions and consumption habits. As far as diets go, you don’t have to resort to the vegan lifestyle so often touted by mainstream media. Although somewhat healthier, you can be more environmentally friendly simply by choosing to buy sustainably sourced seafood, organic vegetables and cutting down on red meat – which would considerably improve your health in the process!

garden strawberry
garden strawberry

Larger-scale projects, such as starting your own vegetable garden, composting or starting a worm farm are slightly more expensive but can save you a lot of money whilst reducing your overall emissions. Those particular projects can also help move you towards more intricate but fun environmentally-friendly developments, such as aquaponics, which in itself has started becoming a regular set up in certain areas.

roof solar panels
roof solar panels

As far as energy needs go, more and more energy and technology companies now offer apps that help track your habits, and show where you can improve, potentially saving you money on your electricity bills. Additionally, you may then be interested in installing solar panels, which have been shown to produce substantial amounts of electricity at no cost and without damaging the environment.

As you can see, becoming more environmentally friendly doesn’t need to cost an arm or a leg, or even drastically change your way of life. It doesn’t take much to become more eco-friendly, and you’d be surprised how little you’d have to give up to make a sizeable difference.

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