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Fake caterpillars help researchers learn more about predation habits

In a bid to determine how predation habits changed around the world, a team of scientists created and then dispersed almost 2,900 fake caterpillars across 31 different sites ranging from the Arctic Circle to Australia. The fake caterpillars were created with green plasticine, not uncommon to that used by children, and thanks to the material’s malleable properties, was able to... Read More
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Asexual Reproduction: calculated evolutionary trait or random mutation?

When you think about it, asexual reproduction may sound like an oxymoron, but there are many organisms that are able to produce offspring without the help of a partner. Whilst impossible in most mammals such as ourselves, it can be observed across the animal kingdom. From small single-cell bacteria, to various plants and even several animal species, asexual reproduction is... Read More
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Top 20 Network Administrator Interview Questions and Answers

Below are Top 20 Network Administrator Interview Questions and Answers; in part of job preparation skills. All questions are in the same order as the video tutorial to help you follow along. Answers are simplified to provide easier understanding and education. If you are interested in additional educational material my channel has over 300 videos that you can enjoy.... Read More
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Forty years after the Chernobyl disaster, nuclear is still going strong

Chernobyl was and still is the biggest nuclear incident to have happened on Earth, with reactor number 4’s meltdown leading to an immediate evacuation of the entire area and spreading a radioactive cloud that stretched from France to Russia. The Ukrainian plant located in the now abandoned town of Pripyat, is now under split control of local authorities and the... Read More
Pharmaceuticals: Money or Health? How different healthcares systems can affect your wellbeing. News Science 

Pharmaceuticals: Money or Health? How different healthcare’s systems can affect your wellbeing.

Side effects may include: death, physical debilitation, stroke or heart conditions. When taking prescription medication, that isn’t the warning label you’d expect or even want to see plastered on the side of the container. However, those are exactly some of the side effects listed on different prescription drugs available with a doctor’s note – but isn’t medication supposed to cure... Read More
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Standing or Sitting in the workplace? Why not both?

Sitting down for long periods of time has always been known to be fairly unhealthy, with 18th century scientist Bernardino Ramazzini even discussing the various ailments that plagued workers of the time. However, since Ramazzini’s observations in the 1700s, sitting down at your desk has become far more comfortable, enticing even, when compared to other alternatives; but, the issues linked... Read More
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Two years removed from Zika outbreak sees researchers still working towards a vaccine

Almost two years after the initial outbreak, a Zika vaccine is still in the works, with researchers confident they are moving closer to a finished product. Along with Ebola, Zika was the main story on the news for several months during 2015/2016, when both were raging in West Africa and South America, respectively. Whilst both epidemics were effectively managed, the... Read More

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