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In a crowded renewable energy market, does Biofuel have the same appeal it used to have?

Biofuels have been at the centre of a multitude of discussions within the energy sector over the years. Although it has been researched for almost as long as we’ve had vehicles capable of locomotion, biofuels have yet to be considered a viable option to replace fossil fuels – but why is that? Read More
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Analog versus Digital Music and Sound

Although the 1950’s are primarily remembered for rock and roll, what many don’t realize is this decade also brought upon many advances in digital audio recording. The dawn of this technology left scientists, audiophiles, and music fans alike asking the same questions – what’s the difference between analog and digital recording, and is one “better” than the other? To understand... Read More
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Fake caterpillars help researchers learn more about predation habits

In a bid to determine how predation habits changed around the world, a team of scientists created and then dispersed almost 2,900 fake caterpillars across 31 different sites ranging from the Arctic Circle to Australia. The fake caterpillars were created with green plasticine, not uncommon to that used by children, and thanks to the material’s malleable properties, was able to... Read More
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Asexual Reproduction: calculated evolutionary trait or random mutation?

When you think about it, asexual reproduction may sound like an oxymoron, but there are many organisms that are able to produce offspring without the help of a partner. Whilst impossible in most mammals such as ourselves, it can be observed across the animal kingdom. From small single-cell bacteria, to various plants and even several animal species, asexual reproduction is... Read More

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