volcanic erruption, yellowstone super volcano News Science 

With Yellowstone National Park showing signs of activity, what could we expect a super-volcano eruption to look like?

Yellowstone National Park, one of the stars of the world-ending disaster movie ‘2012’, has experienced an unprecedented series of small earthquakes, 464 in fact, which has had many people worried about that it could lead to the super volcano to explode. Thankfully, scientists don’t believe that these small quakes are anything to worry about, noting they’ve happened in smaller swarms... Read More
HIV budding Color News Science 

Lets take a moment to discuss HIV/AIDS

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a virus that, as it names suggests, attacks the immune system of its host, therefore reducing its ability to efficiently fend off other ailments or diseases. Specifically, HIV destroys a particular type of white blood cell within the immune system known as the T-helper cell and replaces them with copies of itself, therefore compromising the... Read More
classical conditioning labradoodle Science 

How Pavlov’s dog’s laid the platform for modern classical conditioning

Pavlov’s dog has always been used as the prime example of classical conditioning – which some even call Pavlovian conditioning – but what exactly is it? Simply put, classical conditioning is the act of associating a biological stimulus with a neutral one to elicit a physical response. In the case of Pavlov, he used a bell (neutral stimulus) to indicate... Read More
horses Science 

Humans and horses, an intertwined history

Horses have played an integral part within human history. Present since at least 30,000 BCE where they were first immortalized in cave art, horses have had a strong relationship with humans and have been present throughout every major development that has marked our species. Initially hunted for meat by early humans, they eventually became domesticated, whilst there are conflicting accounts... Read More
Natural Selection, lion eating a bird Science 

Natural selection, how one discovery revolutionized the entire world

Natural selection, although a fact of life that has been well accepted within modern science and society, was once one of the most divisive topics in the world. After Charles Darwin first theorized the existence of a natural selection, whereby only the strong within different species survive to propagate only the best genes throughout the population, there was an uproar... Read More
The evolution of man, primate; chimp reading a book illustration Science 

The evolution of man, or the result of millions of years of natural selection

Originally seeded with hostile doubters and a scientific community in disarray over the meaning behind it, natural selection, and the origin of man became a hot topic after Charles Darwin published his first manuscripts on the subject almost 200 years ago. Met with mixed reviews, the evolution of man as theorized by Darwin explained that we had evolved from primates,... Read More
How likely is to have your personal identity stolen News Technology 

How likely is to have your personal identity stolen?

Although computers have become more reliable and secure as technology has evolved, no computing system, social media account, or bank information is truly secure. Just as technology has advanced, so have the ways criminals and scammers can acquire your personal information. According to Ben Taylor from BestVPN.com in fact, internet users had a one in three chance of getting personal... Read More

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