Natural Selection, lion eating a bird Science 

Natural selection, how one discovery revolutionized the entire world

Natural selection, although a fact of life that has been well accepted within modern science and society, was once one of the most divisive topics in the world. After Charles Darwin first theorized the existence of a natural selection, whereby only the strong within different species survive to propagate only the best genes throughout the population, there was an uproar... Read More
The evolution of man, primate; chimp reading a book illustration Science 

The evolution of man, or the result of millions of years of natural selection

Originally seeded with hostile doubters and a scientific community in disarray over the meaning behind it, natural selection, and the origin of man became a hot topic after Charles Darwin published his first manuscripts on the subject almost 200 years ago. Met with mixed reviews, the evolution of man as theorized by Darwin explained that we had evolved from primates,... Read More
How likely is to have your personal identity stolen News Technology 

How likely is to have your personal identity stolen?

Although computers have become more reliable and secure as technology has evolved, no computing system, social media account, or bank information is truly secure. Just as technology has advanced, so have the ways criminals and scammers can acquire your personal information. According to Ben Taylor from in fact, internet users had a one in three chance of getting personal... Read More
climate change News Science 

Despite climate diversity, temperature rise will affect everyone similarly

From the permafrost that adorns the grounds of Siberia to the sun-kissed dunes of the Sahara, our planet boasts a variety of different climate types. There are five major climate classifications consisting of Tropical, Dry, Moderate, Continental and Polar climates, with several sub-types such as wet and dry tropics. These climates have led to the rich biodiversity our planet enjoys,... Read More
Solar power overtakes coal as cheapest energy option News Technology 

Solar power overtakes coal as cheapest energy option

Two weeks ago, the English power grid set a new record in renewable energy production, with over half of its electricity coming from those sources. Last week, the US renewable energy sector did something it had never done before: it produced 10% of the national grid’s power. Although that may not sound like much, it coincided with other reports from... Read More

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