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Tesla Model 3: The safest car on the road?

With thunderous applause and rock music blasting in the background, Tesla CEO Elon Musk drove the Tesla Model 3 across the stage at an unveiling event. Although Musk’s entrance was reminiscent of Tony Stark’s entrance in Iron Man 2, the unveiling of Tesla’s newest foray into electric cars begs the question – will the Tesla Model 3 be the safest... Read More
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Food additives, a regulated if controversial practice

Over the years food production and preparation has gone a long way, in part thanks to additives and better food handling and storage techniques. Food additives themselves are chemicals or other substances added to food to preserve the flavour or enhance taste and appearance of food. However, you might be surprised to learn that these aren’t a new addition to... Read More
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What exactly is your morning coffee doing to you?

If I told you that every day, a large portion of the world’s population enjoyed a psychoactive drug on more than one occasion, would you believe me? Except this is exactly what caffeine is. Considered the world’s most consumed psychoactive drug due to its ability to stimulate our central nervous system, caffeine comes in a range of mediums: usually coffee,... Read More

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