March 19, 2023

Information Technology by cobuman

Atari is coming back? Ataribox images surface.

Sourced from an email newsletter list, Atari has a new game console in the works. Named “Ataribox”; with some of the major design elements presented in images below.

Ataribox over the top and back view
Ataribox over the top and back view; source Atari

As you can see, clearly visible are 4 USB ports, 1 HDMI, and an SD storage slot. According to Atari these ports “suggest modern internal specs”. Aside from that, the only other visible ports are for connecting Ethernet Cable and power source. No other technical details are available.

Ataribox black
Ataribox black; source Atari

Keep in mind that no games or pricing has been announced for Ataribox, nor would I assume that these are the final design specs for this console; mainly because pictures presented are most likely a 3d render, not a working model. If you take a closer look, the images do not have a proper shadow to them. At this point you could argue that this is just an idea for a product. Needless to say, Atari has a long way to go before final product release, therefore, do not expect its release anytime soon.

Ataribox woodgrain
Ataribox woodgrain; source Atari

From personal perspective, I like the look of wood-grain design and would consider owning an Ataribox; however, since we don’t know of any technical details I have a feeling that this might turn out to be a game streaming box of sort. The reason of this assumption is the lack of traditional media inlet, i.e. CD ROM and 4 USB connectors reminiscent of Steam Machine…

It would be nice if this console had an interchangeable front face plate, that way if wood-grain gets old you can swap it out. Again, I would take these images of product design with a grain of salt, or wood in this case.