March 19, 2023

Information Technology by cobuman

Amazing Octopus Walks on Land

Have a look at this amazing octopus, as it traverses land in search of food. This creature has learned that sea tide creates an opportunist situation in which small fish or crabs are trapped within confounds of small water pools. 

This type of Octopus can only be found in Northern Australia and is just fascinating to watch its traversal across the land. Pay specific attention to sound it makes as it finds its way towards next fishing hole. But what is making that sound? Suction cups or the slimy nature of this animal?

It uses its appendages and suckers to walk fairly large distance across the surface of land. This is a perfect example of animal adaption to their environment and of course how smart octopus are.

It’s hard not to think of alien movie adaptions when watching this super interesting video. I wonder if a mythical giant squid would make the same noise walking on land; if that was to happen, humans would probably have a similar reaction to it as that little fish at 2:04.

Octopus are some of the most intelligent sea creatures and are well known for their ability to adapt and learn. We have an interesting study article that specifically talks about Octopus and DNA intelligence factors.

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octopus are super smart

This video has been provided by BBC Earth youtube channel. The sound and filmography is top notch quality as it’s expected from a large company like BBC.

Something about this video is so relaxing to watch that it makes me want to share its glory with the world.