March 19, 2023

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Top 10 Help Desk Interview Questions and Answers: Call Center Format

Welcome to Top 10 Help Desk Interview Questions and Answers. As Call Center positions are in high demand; this article will prepare you for the interview and provide a confidence boost that you will use to get this awesome job.

In most cases, in order to properly address following questions; a multi-part answer is provided for each and are expected to be recited during an interview. For example; if answers a. b. c. are listed means that any of the answers are correct. In other words- all of the above is implied.

The reason why multi answers are provided is simply to cover any follow up questions related to situational answers. When dealing with customers every new interaction is situational.

1. What makes a good Help Desk employee?

a.    Have the ability to listen and resolve problems.
b.    Be able to resolve issues fast and concisely by explaining the situation in an easy to follow manner.
c.    Have patience and understanding with customers.

2. How would you deal with an issue that you can’t resolve or understand?

a.    Ask appropriate questions to get to the bottom of the issue without aggravating the customer.
b.    You would contact or inquire a solution from a co-worker or a manager.

3. If you come across a frustrated customer, how would you deal with this situation?

a.    Reassuring customer that their issue will be resolved is a sure way to calm them down.
b.    It is important to stay calm yourself and not get frustrated in order to handle the situation properly.

4. Have you ever had a conflict with someone, and if so how did you resolve it?

a.    Try to provide a minimal conflict situation in which the issue was resolved in a professional and courteous manner.
b.    You can also provide an answer where it was a simple misunderstanding and how you were able to resolve the issue.

5. How would you rate yourself from 1-5, based on the ability to resolve issues?

a.    If you are new to Help Desk and Customer Service, you may not wish to rate yourself at 5 because the following question may not be something you can answer. In this answer you could rate yourself 4.
b.    You can rate yourself at 5 if you have previous Help Desk experience and are sure that you can answer any other questions that may follow.

6. How do you stay up to date with IT knowledge?

a.    For this answer you can mention that internet, books and education as sources of knowledge in order to keep up with fast evolving IT world.
b.    Be ready to cite your sources as this may be a follow up question.

7. Why do you wish to work with Help Desk?

a.    Provide honest answer to this by stating that you like to troubleshoot computer problems and gain pleasure in helping others. Also, mention that Help Desk is a good place to learn new things.

8. How do you stay organized?

a.    You can provide specific ways on how you stay organized; for example, you can mention that you take notes and prioritize tasks at hand in order to resolve the issues in efficient manner.
b.    You utilize any tools provided in order to stay organized. In this example you could mention MS Outlook, Word, Excel or similar software in addition to taking paper notes.

9. Do you think it’s important to be a team player?

a.    It is very important to be a good team player because it shows that you are willing to work with others.
b.    A good team player can resolved more difficult issues in a more efficient manner; especially when working with different departments within the company.

10. Which ticketing system are you familiar with?

a.    If you have experience with Help Desk, for this question would simply state which ticketing system you have used in the past.

Bonus Advice
Be sure to do your research about the company you’re applying with, so that you can be 100% ready for this interview. Questions like: “What do you know about our Company?” may come up.

These questions are more tailored towards Customer Service and if you’d like to learn some technical support aspects please check out myTop 20 Desktop Support Interview Questions and Answersvideo/article or many other Computer Tutorials available at channel.

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