June 9, 2023


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Game called Warframe has pulled me in.


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I’m just saying…

It was released in 2013 I think, and I tried it before, but every time I got to play Warframe it could not hold my attention for long because of its difficulty.

No, I don’t mean enemies are too hard to kill but something else.

There were no instructions what so ever and interface was/is confusing.

Two days ago I went back to it and I’m so glad I did.

The game’s selling point is the gameplay, but not gameplay in a normal sense.

You can actually do things that you don’t normally expect in video games.

It’s a 3rd person action game, but initially could make you think of a shooter game; however, in reality it’s everything. Shooter, melee and powers.

When you combine all of these things you become awesome and unstoppable.

The reason for it is that some enemies are very resilient to ranged, but weak to melee and so on.

Another thing I like is that melee attacks are so well designed.

You only have one button for melee, but if you strafe left/right, jump up, down, or wall run will have a different effect because of the move combination.

This gives you another layer of taking advantage of weak spots… For example, a guy with a shield will be super weak to attack from above with melee.

Oh yea, this game reminds me of Diablo plus Borderlands, in space… Something like that.

Less gear loot, but more material and weapon mod loot; something like that.

It’s like you are ninja from space. Maybe a space samurai.

You play as these frames they call “Tennos” I believe. Don’t quote me on that-probably misspelled it. 🙂

Here is the thing; you get to choose between some starting frames that do different things, but the better ones appear to cost money.

Although, you can potentially grind for material that lets you build new frames that require blueprints and such. Some people may like the grind… IDK

Same thing goes for weapons and pets?… Okay, so they have pets in this game as well that fight for you and do other things. Hehe, like I said, so much to learn about it and progress is really slow.

So, another thing I like is the unique look to the frames.

Some might think they are aliens, but not I. They are exoskeleton suits; is what I would like to believe.

Hey, I don’t read the lore or quest texts-I just like to kill stuff. In video games that is… 🙂

You do have a spaceship as well that you can decorate and change colors I believe. Okay, I’m not going to pretend to know details about because I’m level 8, maybe there is more to it and I’m sure further progress will show just how much more there is to do.

Oh yea, Warframe is free to play, but can’t say if it’s pay to win yet… I supposed it could be if you shell out money right away-rather than grind your way to higher power levels. 

This is not a review by any stretch, just me telling you of what I’m playing right now. How long this lasts who knows…

For what its worth, I will be playing on PC, but it may be available on PS4 and Xbox One. PC master race FTW! JK 🙂

Look, I’m not trying to convince you to play this game-just that I am.

After all, we don’t play on the same server.

Update after 11 days of playing roughly 30hrs…

Using the Excalibur warframe I was able to reach “rank 3” and without paying any real money.

Ranks basically limit your ability to use certain weapons.

I am still forced to use the exact same main weapon rifle and could not possibly grind enough for materials to build a new one. Same goes for the secondary weapon, pistol. You simply do not get an option to buy better weapons with in-game money. Unless you have “platinum” which is bought with real money.

Of course you get plenty of blueprints that will cost a lot money to build weapons from or you keep grinding for days.

However, I was able to build 3 different melee weapons. Although better than beginner weapons, they are not that good-which you find out on later planets with tougher enemies…

If you want to get any type of companion you have to pay real money; I still did not have enough time invested to possibly build one with blueprints, or incubate anything.

You have an option super early in game to incubate what looks like a dog, and of course quests lead you to get required components to build an incubator, but not the main and the last part. They don’t tell you that you must buy this last part, but simply let you realize this reality. 🙂

You have an option to build many new frames that come with new abilities; however, you can imagine how even more difficult that could be. Again, you can just buy one.

To be fair there might be other blueprints that drop with potential to build a new weapon on the cheap; but, this is all by chance.

Also, this next point has nothing to do with cost of items. There is a progression prerequisite system…

On each planet you have to complete all missions to move on to next which is fine; however, you cannot access the next planet’s node unless you complete a check list of things to do. Some appear to be really stupid, like scan this item, this many times, that only appear once per planet location and only if you search every corner of the map; only to find it hidden somewhere…

These prerequisites can be super annoying because other people in your group will not wait while you look under every rock. Yes, you can do missions solo and take your time, but this is a super fast action multiplayer game… Why do I need to do a scavenger hunts? 

I am by no means trying to bash this game-simply stating my experience. This game is great in its visual design and gameplay and is expected to have microtransactions that make this company money. The setup for encouraging players to spend real money is pretty genius in my opinion, because Warframe gives you just enough of playability where you don’t necessarily have to buy anything, but you would enjoy yourself if you did.

For now, I may play for a little longer unless I get frustrated by the insane level of grind…

Update after 15 days of playing.

I finally have enough materials to built a first companion.

As soon as I made it to “The Void” area I was able to quickly get the parts I was desperately messing. Now I must wait 24hrs for building to finish. There is something exciting about all this…

I’m not going to lie, looking forward to my first side kick. He has the ability to snipe at long range and shock enemies near by. That seemed like a good choice for me because I prefer melee action. 🙂

Maybe after I progress further it will be much easier to get mats for other stuff. Oh man, maybe I can build a new frame. That would be sweeeeet!

Going to sleep now.

Update after 20 days of playing.

Thanks to being able to access newer areas/planets, now I can grind enough materials to build many more things.

It appears that I am now able to create sentinels from blueprints. Sentinels are the robotic followers that hover over your left shoulder. They have many to choose from that do different things… some are for assisting you in attacking enemies and some provide support, like shocking enemies. You can also equip them with different mods and weapons, just like your warframe. Be sure to save your materials in order to build one later on.

In addition to being able to create pets, I now have enough materials to build a new frame; this one is called the “frost”. It’s abilities appear to be frost attack based.. who knew, right? Anyway, this is the only one I have the blueprints to build for and this is due to killing this boss repeatedly-he would drop the blueprints needed to complete the build. It was not easy though because new warframes are built from multiple blueprints, each part of the warframe had its own blueprint.

In addition, I am now able to build new primary and secondary weapons which is refreshing. Although slightly better than starting weapons, they are still an upgrade… I am especially happy with the new secondary pistol weapon that shoots really fast.

The build time for the new frost warframe is 72hrs I believe and of course you can use valuable platinum to speed it up; however, I am purposely playing this on free mode. I only have 30 platinum since starting the game and there is no way to grind for it. You will get a lot of other currency which is used to buy blueprints and such.

My advice to new warframe players is to have patience and don’t waste any materials on stupid stuff and parts that you don’t need. Study the blueprint for the new warframe and only build parts once you have all of the part blueprints. Remember, warframes have blueprints for each part, later used to build the final warframe. I assume frost warframe is the best option early on when it comes to ability to acquire for free. If you want to have a powerful waframe early on, be sure to upgrade mods that will maximize your damage and survivability. For example; it’s better to have a few mods with maxed out lvl than a lot of different mods. A mod that gives you 20% dmg bonus can be upgraded to 100% or such, but will cost more to equip. 

Guys, thank you so much for reading this amateur article. To be honest, I am not a good writer but I did enjoy expressing my opinion here and trying different ways to write. 

Needless to say, I still have Warframe installed on my PC.

For next game I’m thinking about Overwatch. Any suggestions?

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