January 25, 2023


Information Technology by cobuman

iPhone X is extremely expensive

iPhone X costs $999.00 to $1,149.00 U.S. dollars which is absurd amount of money for something that is called a phone. Think about it… For that much money you can buy a high-end i7 laptop with touchscreen or an amazing gaming machine that will run great for many years.

If you cannot afford to buy the new iPhone X outright, you have an option to get on a payment plan that starts at minimum of $49.91/mo. And trust me when I say this, most people cannot afford to buy new iPhone but can make payments on it. Safe to say that majority of current users are on payment plans.

This type of marketing and behavior will cause further economy degradation because of sheer debt accumulated by people who buy things they cannot afford. People, this is one of the major reasons why we had recession in USA.

Apple is not the only company that sells super expensive phones, Samsung, LG and others use the same exact tactic in order to profit of people’s addictions to brand names. Oh yes, and all of the phone companies that allow for payment plans to happen. This situation is truly out of control especially considering that iPhone 7 + is $759* and now with X jumps to $1.149.00; the number game is ludicrous.

Sure, I understand why you would want the new iPhone X. It is the most advanced apple phone yet and comes with a lot of nice features. If I had one available, a review of it would surely appear on CosmicNovo.com, but in the meantime all I can do is point out how expensive it is. I simply cannot justify purchasing it or recommending to friends. Why? I’m not swimming in money nor is anyone else I know…

Let’s be clear on one thing. This article is not here to bash the quality of this product but only the price. My intentions are only to point out why most people cannot and should not afford overpriced gadgets.

Please, if you cannot afford to buy this phone right now, at least wait for a cheaper version that will not leave your children hungry for the next 12 payments. Maybe some phone carriers will have better deals in the future; at least wait for that.

I beg you.