Reducing your sugar consumption is easier than you’d think

Diabetes. Tooth decay. Triglycerides. Heart disease. Stroke. Weakened immune system. Any guesses as what the common link is? Sugar. For decades now, sugar levels in our foods have steadily increased, leading to a multitude of unwanted health problems. Our overconsumption of sugar has led many to consider cutting their overall intake, a task that is easier said than done considering... Read More
Gluten Free Diets A Tale of Two Sides Science 

Gluten Free Diets: A Tale of Two Sides

Gluten free products have flooded the market after it was revealed that a relatively large proportion of the population had some sort of allergy to gluten, a common protein found in wheat, rye and barley. Although present in just those grains, their use is so widespread that your condiments and ice cream may have traces of gluten in them. For... Read More
2018 Nissan Leaf Front, White News Technology 

Say hello to 2018 Nissan Leaf

So, what makes this Leaf so special? Let’s talk about that… This version of Leaf has more range than previous version by extra 50 miles, bringing up the total potential range to 150 miles per charge*. Yes, this is an upgrade, but not a huge upgrade compared to its direct competitor Tesla Model 3. Hold on now! Nissan will be... Read More

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