March 19, 2023

Information Technology by cobuman

Is it hard to build a computer? How to upgrade your CPU.

Back in the day, most people were not familiar on how computer were built and for the most part if you wanted to own a computer it would be already pre-built from companies like IBM, Apple or Compaq. This would not leave you with much of a choice when it came to computer parts or even software. Now days, everyone with some basic knowledge or access to internet can start to build and customize just about every part of their PC.

In this article we will talk about on how simple it is to install or upgrade your existing desktop PC with faster Processor (CPU). If you are interested in purchasing parts for your computer; Amazon offers really good deals from multiple sources. Before you purchase any parts be sure the check for compatibility with your computer system.

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In order replace or upgrade your CPU we need to have access inside your Desktop Computer. Once your remove the side cover you should have clear access to Fan/Heatsink as pictured below. Then, follow the pictured instructions or watch the video at the bottom.

The new heatsink should have thermal paste applied before hand; if not, be sure to apply a small amount to your CPU.

After you reconnect the Fan and you should be good to go. Good luck and don’t forget to share this article with friends. For IT assistance and video guides visit