January 27, 2023


Information Technology by cobuman

Best Cheap Treadmill to use during Winter.

Exercise is one of the most natural ways to stay in good health. Health issues like cholesterol, diabetes or even heart disease can be prevented with regular exercise. However, if you like to exercise outdoors this can become an issue during cold winter or hot summers. The temperature extremes can become so bad that it becomes dangerous to be outside-let alone exercise.  So, what can you do about this?

If you are like me, the simplest answer would be to buy exercise equipment; but, which one? For me, I think of the safest and the healthiest way to exercise without risking injury, and in my opinion that would be to purchase a treadmill… With a treadmill you perform low impact cardio exercises that has been proven to have excellent health benefits. This is especially true if you like to walk for exercise.

The problem for most folks comes down to cost. Exercise equipment can be super expensive, heavy to move around and even harder to assemble. Worry not, I found a super affordable solution in form of Weslo CardioStride 4.0 treadmill.

When purchased this treadmill was only $75* which is incredible compared to some high end models that cost upwards of $25,000. There are other models available that have similar affordable costs. 

Below is a very good video of assembly and testing Weslo CardioStride 4.0 Treadmill.