January 25, 2023


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Is it Hard to Replace a Broken Laptop Screen?

Is it Hard to Replace a Broken Laptop Screen?

The simple answer is “NO”, but you have to be careful if you are doing it yourself…

There are a few steps to follow in order to complete this fun project successfully. Along with pictures, you can watch the video below if you find it easier to follow. You can also click on images to get a better/larger picture.

1. Make sure you have proper replacement screen specifically for your laptop.

By using your laptop model number search the internet for the correct screen you need. For example; you can search Amazon to find many different options of screen from various shops. 

2. You will need proper tools in order to remove the laptop screen.

In this example you will need a Phillips head screwdriver and Flat head screw driver* (the flat head may be used to pry open the bezel frame). Note. Find a good place to keep track of all of the screws removed.

3. Star removing the front bezel with Phillips screwdriver.

You may have to remove rubber or plastic screw covers first. Typically round shape.

Removing Phillips Screws First

4. Remove the Bezel from the screen.

You can probably remove the Bezel just by using your fingers but if you need assistance you can resort to using a flat head screwdriver or something flat to pry it up and remove the clips.

Removing the Bezel

5. Detach the screen from the Laptop Lid.

To detach the screen from the Lid there are usually 2 to 4 Phillips head screws holding it. Typically the same size as the bezel ones.

Detach the screen from the Laptop Lid.

Ribbon Cable Access

6. The Ribbon Cable removal. 

This is the hardest part of this project because the reattaching can be confusing after it’s been removed. Make careful note of the way the ribbon cable is inserted. Take your time on this part. Take pictures if necessary.

The Ribbon Cable removal.

Ribbon Cable Connector

7. LCD Screen removal.

With ribbon cable removed now we can remove the entire screen that is held by a hand full of screws. This is attached to two metal frame on each side of the screen.

LCD Screen removal, side screws attached to metal frame

8. With New LCD screen reinstall in reverse order…

If you followed all of the steps above the install of new laptop screen should be very simple. Just do everything in revers order and to get a better idea on how to everything is accomplished you can watch the video below.

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