December 3, 2022

Information Technology by cobuman

Do you have wrist pains? You may be using a wrong computer mouse…

If you use computers every day, chances are that you have wrist pains from prolonged use of mouse and keyboard. This pain can vary from throbbing to numbing and sometimes can even keep you awake at night; causing you to loose sleep. If you do, you may wonder, what can I do to help reduce wrist pain?

From personal experience, wrist pain is something that I’ve been overlooking for many years because it was not a constant occurrence, that is until one night I was woken up by throbbing wrist pain that felt almost like cramps associated with numbness. In my case this was caused a huge workload given to me that required a big project to be finished on time.  It was so bad that this pain persisted for an entire week after this project was over. That is when I decided to look for any solution that can help reduce this awful pain; and I’m glad I did…

Have you ever heard of vertical mouse? Neither did I until I performed a simple internet search related to wrist pain. Sure, at first it seemed like a gimmick to sell a weird looking product but to my surprise it actually worked great. When you watch the video below you will find that the design of vertical mouse keeps your wrist in a natural position that prevents twisting of the wrist and greatly alleviates tension and pain. This solution has worked great for me and I hope the same for you. 🙂

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