January 27, 2023


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Help Desk and Customer Service Call Handling Procedures

Is there a Call Handling Format to follow in Help Desk or Customer Service?

Yes, there is a format to follow, but this varies from business to business. However, every Help Desk and Customer Service has a common path to follow that basically achieves the same goal; which is to resolve issues.

There could be multiple steps to handling just the intro… In this example I have broken down the procedure in 7 steps that should reflect professionalism and call handling proficiency.

In this example, I will use a “phone company” name as an example of a business name…

  1. Answering the phone.

Say: Thank you for calling *insert business name*, my name is Ervin, may I have your phone number, account number or etc… so that I can pull your information.

2. Verify security.

Ask: In order to secure your account, can you please verify your date of birth, last four of SS number or etc… We can also secure your account by answering some security questions… i.e. Your pet’s name?

3. Listening is the key.

Pay Attention: Listen to the customers issue carefully and then ask questions based of previous experiences. This comes after you are familiar with company’s products or services. Each business will train their associates to familiarize themselves with different issues and procedures.

4. It’s okay to verify information.

Ask to Repeat: I’m sorry, would you mind repeating that? In case you’ve missed something. A lot of customers talk really fast for anyone to follow.

5. Be efficient.

Time management: Sometimes, you have to place customer on hold but this is usually done with no more than 2 min before you have to come back and say that you are still working on their issue. Again, this will vary from business to business.

6. Wrapping up the call.

Ask after: Is there anything else I can assist you with? Have I resolved your issue? and etc…As closing, do not hang up on the costumer till they say “Yes” or “No”.

7. Ending the call.

Say Closing: Thank you for calling *insert business name*. Thank you for choosing *insert business name* and etc. You have a wonderful, nice or etc. day.

You can personalize the call handling procedures in many ways; however, this is a basic template to follow which most companies use.

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