January 21, 2023


Information Technology by cobuman

Get more Youtube Subscribers with better PC gear

Quickly reaching 30,000 subscriptions on youtube; this is my gear that helps me stay working and motivated to create something new.

I know that reaching any type of social media milestone can be a very difficult task, however it can be much more pleasurable once you invest enough time and effort in making the best content you can with tools you have. That being said, it does not mean you can’t simply start creating video content with any regular phone camera… I’ve done this and you can certainly do so as well.

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“start creating video content with any regular phone camera”

Admittedly, as someone who creates mostly IT tutorials; I don’t necessarily need a camera at all… Only a PC, some screen recording software (like OBS) and an idea. An idea is all it takes to get excited about creating new content. Money however, comes way later and that is cold truth and nature of this business.

Follow this link to see the list of hardware I currently use that keeps me happy and pushing through tough times. 

Gear for successful youtube channel kick start
Gear for successful youtube channel kick start

I know that sometimes you can get lucky and get a viral video going but this is heavily related to the niche or the lack of it. What I mean is that if you start creating new content that is not heavily saturated you can certainly find something that works only for you. For example, I have a hunting channel and after posting a first video it has gotten over 30k views shortly after… why? Well, I took my experience from my main channel and spent a lot of time creating something good.

In the nutshell, my best advice is to create the best you can quality content. Over time, you will get good at it and never, ever, give up. Those subs and views will come eventually… Remember, quality over quantity.