January 26, 2023


Information Technology by cobuman

Can you write an article using Google’s voice recognition software?

Are you someone like me? I am a foreign student that speaks English as a second language. If you are like me that means you could use assistance when it comes to creative writing. Whether it be writing essays, research papers, or articles-my English skills could always be improved.

In my search to find a better way to write and to learn how to write in English, I came across Google’s a version of voice recognition that allows me to speak and write at the same time. Once I realized that I can use my microphone and speak into it, it was able to write words for me. Although, I do need to keep track of what voice recognition is actually typing I needed to make corrections when it comes to grammar and punctuation. However, the way it’s working right now it does not seem to be a big deal as it’s helping me greatly improve my ability to write faster and more efficiently.

As I am using this software, I am able to write much faster and I feel more comfortable writing. Creating articles in my own way is very fun and the this software allows me to do so with a whole lot of pleasure. My YouTube friends are watching I am trying to keep a straight face because this educational tutorial may be helpful for them as well; depending on how well I could keep up this ridiculous accent. I apologize.

For the testing, I believe that my friends on YouTube would agree that using Google’s voice recognition software as the means of typing, whether it be for articles, essays, or maybe even research papers it is very helpful. I hope you decide to give this feature a shot as Google is probably spending more time on improving all the features when it comes to voice recognition and machine learning.

Ps. this entire article was written with help of Google’s voice typing feature.