January 25, 2023


Information Technology by cobuman

IT Help Desk Learning Guide and Job Assistance Complete

Welcome to Help Desk Startup Learning Guide.

This is a collection of videos created for (youtube.com/cobuman) and combined to provide a single entry point in learning Help Desk. What you will learn here is based of personal experience and opinion of what you must know before starting IT Help Desk jobs.

Yes, this video is specifically designed to help you get a Help Desk job.

Below is a list of each topic presented in it’s format as a basic start to Help Desk. Make sure you watch the entire video so that you become familiar with Help Desk knowledge and procedures.

  1. Introduction – Can anyone get an IT Help Desk job without experience?
  2. TOP 20 – Most Common Desktop PC Support Issues and Solutions.
  3. Help Desk and Customer Service Call Handling Procedures.

Keep in mind that some aspects of Help Desk are omitted because they are specific to the company you may work for. For example, a basic issue that is handled by IT Help Desk is resetting/changing user passwords which is done by a company provided tool (website or other), and not directly through Active Directory. However, I have a videos on many of these topics including Desktop Support, Network Administration, System Administration, NOC Support and much more… If you think this information is useful and appreciate my effort.. please share it with your friends.