March 25, 2023

Information Technology by cobuman

Top 20 Desktop Support Interview Questions and Answers Redux

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Below are some of the most common interview questions that are completely answered in detail with text on screen to follow along. This style of education helps you remember at the most important moments during interview process.

All of the standard questions like “Tell me about yourself” are here and of course all of the basic technical questions… Just watch the preview video and you will see how easy it is pass this interview.

This is a preview Redux of Desktop Support Interview Questions and Answers video at This video was based of 2016 video with close to 300k views.. New version has greatly improved quality with a lot better audio.

Full version can be found here: 

A lot of people don’t know about interview assistance… Once you benefit from this information please be kind in return and share this valuable knowledge with others. Thank you.

Desktop Support is one of the best entry level IT jobs that anyone can do without a degree or certification. That being said, it is helpful to have formal education and training to help you get this awesome job.

Aside from getting ready for technical part of the interview; it is also important to study about the company you are applying with as well… This is especially important when asked about how and what you know about this job or business.

Lastly, I have information about creating awesome IT resume that will further increase your changes.

I wish you best of luck.