January 27, 2023


Information Technology by cobuman

Android 8.1 Stereo in my car? Smart Car Future?

Google and Amazon are fighting for a spot on your car’s dashboard but it always involves adding extra equipment or wires that ruin the general look of your car. Not to mention the hassle of having to juggle hotspot connections or bluetooth connectivity between multiple devices; however, there is a clean solution available…

Ever heard of Android stereo? I certainly did not until I was looking to add a back up camera to my car. While searching through Amazon I found that for the same cost I could have a fully functioning Android OS stereo in my car. How cool is that?

Yes, to my surprise for under $200 US you can have a 7″ (18cm) Android 8 touch screen that works the same as any smart phone and much more. Heck, you install even a bigger screen upwards of 10.1 inches. That is huge!

These Android units provide all the things you may need for an in car screen. Internet (tethered), GPS Navigation, Google Play Store, Radio, Camera support (front-back), DVR, Hands Free Calling and etc… Even has functions of high end stereos like automatic volume adjustments based of driving speed. This could be a massive upgrade for people who never had a screen in their car.

Now, before you go buy one make sure you have the correct installation kit for your car or it will not install properly. You can watch me unbox and wire the system for my car in video below.

If you decide to install a screen in your car please drive safely and without distractions. Thank you for reading my article and watching my video. Please share with friends.