March 26, 2023

Information Technology by cobuman

Top 20 Office 365 Interview Question and Answers

  1. How do you change user’s password? You can change user’s password from Admin Center or Azure Active Directory.
  2. Can you recover deleted files? Yes. Admins can do it using a OneDrive link or through SharePoint.
  3. Can users Recover their own files? Yes. Through OneDrive Recycle Bin.
  4. What happens to lost emails? You can check status of sent or received emails through Exchange Admin Center and performing a “Message trace”.
  5. What is the difference between Office 365 Group and Distribution? Office 365 Group creates group emails, shared workspace, files and calendars. On the other hand, Distribution list is just an email list.
  6. Where do you change user licenses? You can change licenses through Admin Center or Azure AD.
  7. Can you customize user licenses? Yes, you can customize licenses for each user.
  8. What is the difference between SharePoint and Teams? From Admin POV; SharePoint controls group sites and file access, while Teams Admin controls communication aspects of organization. i.e. from access to group chat to user device controls and settings.
  9. Can you have multiple/different Admins in Office 365? Yes. You can have multiple Admins and can also have dedicated administration roles.
  10. How would you add a shared mailbox? Shared mail box is created in Exchange Admin by creating Individual Mailboxes or by creating an Office 365 Group. Users can add the mailbox in Outlook by “add Shared Folder” setting.
  11. What does error message “You’re missing out!” mean? That error means that user does not have access/license to that specific part of O365.
  12. What happens to reported email messages? To report an email message you would do so through Exchange Admin after which it’s sent to Security & Compliance for a review.
  13. Can you have multiple group owners? Yes. You can have multiple Group Owners. This can be changed in Azure AD or Exchange Admin Center.
  14. What is “rank” in group policy? If you have a new group policy and wish for it to overwrite other/previous policy you just need to “rank” the new policy with higher number. This is done in Teams Admin Center.
  15. When managing Devices what settings can you control? You can control anything from date/time format to network settings.
  16. Which computer platforms are support by Office 365? Microsoft Windows OS, Android, macOS and iOS.
  17. Both Admin Center and Azure AD can access users; what is the difference? Admin Center allows for quick and basic user access control; while Azure AD provides additional and more technical control of user profiles.
  18. If Recycle Bin is not visible, is there another way to access it? Yes. You can access it through SharePoint/More features/User Profiles/Manage User Profiles. Search for user, select Manage Personal Site/Recycle Bin.
  19. Can you send email from a Shared Mailbox? Yes. However, user needs to be allowed to “Send As” in Exchange Administration.
  20. Can users become Admins? Yes. You can change any licenses or delegate Team Administration for their group.

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