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CIA, wikileaks monitoring* News Technology 

Wikileaks Website Leaks Information About Supposed CIA Spying Techniques

Wikileaks has released over 8,000 documents as of March 7th. Wikileaks, not affiliated with Wikipedia, is a website which contains a database, or more accurately a collection, of leaked, classified, and confidential documents and/or diplomatic cables. Rather than providing access to thousands of written pieces of information or content, this site is where leaked information is housed, some of which... Read More
Uber Photo News Technology 

Uber Problems Surface as Sexual Harassment Allegations

The word today is full of leaders, political and professional, who have led many an individual down the path toward inappropriate behavior, simply by example. In the case of the newly elected American president Donald Trump, some might argue that he embodies both. Now, young men are looking up to leaders who have inadvertently taught them that sexual harassment is... Read More
pokemon go valentine's day february 15th News Technology 

Pokemon Go Special Event Valentine’s Day February 15th

This Wednesday, starting at 7pm, and running until 7pm on the 15th, Pokémon Go will let loose a new wave of fun for 2017 smartphone users whose interest in the original release may have waned. Whether you want to play with your spouse, stay alone and outside, or search for that perfect love who shares in your quirks and hobbies,... Read More
Apple Iphone News Technology 

Apple Starts 2017 Strong in Profit Margins

Apple Inc. climbed out of a three straight quarter losing streak during which time revenues fell, fell, and fell. Strong demand for the iPhone 7 has raised investors’ hopes that this company and its recent reinvention was not all for nothing. The newest smartphone model, released back in September has increase iPhone shipments by 5% more than the last three... Read More
Tesla Autopilot In Action News Technology 

Tesla Autopilot is Cleared for Driving: Owners Enjoying Autosteer 2.0

Twitter, the new source of adjustments, minor changes, and now presidential updates, is where Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the Enhanced Autopilot launch. New vehicles equipped with “hardware 2” will now enjoy this over-the-air software update, an update which will include the Low-Speed Autosteer, Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, and Forward Collision Warning features. Read More

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