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This is a preview Redux of Desktop Support Interview Questions and Answers Information Technology 

Top 20 Desktop Support Interview Questions and Answers Redux

Don’t worry my friends, this is the best place to help you with Desktop Support interview. On my website I have the best information that has helped thousands of IT people all over the world. Below are some of the most common interview questions that are completely answered in detail with text on screen to follow along. This style of... Read More
help desk learning guide Information Technology 

IT Help Desk Learning Guide and Job Assistance Complete

Welcome to Help Desk Startup Learning Guide. This is a collection of videos created for (youtube.com/cobuman) and combined to provide a single entry point in learning Help Desk. What you will learn here is based of personal experience and opinion of what you must know before starting IT Help Desk jobs. Yes, this video is specifically designed to help you... Read More
mobile devices voice recognition Information Technology Technology 

Can you write an article using Google’s voice recognition software?

Are you someone like me? I am a foreign student that speaks English as a second language. If you are like me that means you could use assistance when it comes to creative writing. Whether it be writing essays, research papers, or articles-my English skills could always be improved. In my search to find a better way to write and... Read More
Top 10 Hard Desktop Support Interview Questions and Answers Information Technology 

Top 10 Hard Desktop Support Interview Questions and Answers

Top 10 Hard Desktop Support Interview Questions and Answers. Welcome to Top 10 Hard Desktop Support Interview Questions and Answers. This video is designed to provide confidence during interview, encourage critical problem solving, and remind all IT people that having an ability to explain how you get to solving issues is important. Even if some questions may not sound “hard”... Read More
Align the Video Card With PCIE Slot, Match the Notch Marking Information Technology 

How to Install a Video Card in to a Desktop PC

Typical video card upgrades are due to hunger for more frames per second… This is usually fueled by popular trend with video game developers that like to push limits of visual aspects in video games and PVP (player vs player) gaming competitive nature in which more FPS (frames per second) is better. Unfortunately, some game developers don’t actually care if... Read More

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