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Electric Car Comparison (going green): Tesla vs Chevy Bolt EV vs Nissan Leaf vs BMW i3 EV

It has become commonly accepted that electric cars are the future and they are going to change the world. Fossil fuels are slowly ruining the environment and any big push towards an economy that isn’t so dependent on oil will result in huge gains for the entire globe. The four biggest contenders to dominate the electric car space are the... Read More
Samsung Galaxy s8 Leak* by Evan Blass @evleaks twitter. News Technology 

Galaxy S8 Details Start to Come Out as we approach the release date

There are always new phones coming out, but some companies are under more pressure to perform than others. For example, after Nintendo’s poor performance over the last several years, they had more pressure than ever to deliver a great product with the Nintendo Switch. With Samsung there was the battery fiasco of 2016 when Galaxy Note 7’s started spontaneously going... Read More
Facebook Fake News News Technology 

Facebook Agrees to Filter Fake News Working With French News Media

In a complete turnaround from their policy immediately after the American election, Facebook has decided to cooperate with French news providers to prevent fake news from having an influence on their election. By making it easier to flag certain stories as hoaxes, and also creating a fact-checking platform, Facebook intends to avoid any future problems with fake news. Read More
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Can Chatbots Bring You Back To Life After Death?

The old saying goes, “only two things in life are certain: death and taxes.” But with the development of digital “surrogates” using realistic chatbots, death as we know it might be coming into question sooner than we think. As reported by Quartz, we are almost at the point where it would be possible to recreate someone’s personality using their digital... Read More

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