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Advanced Micro Devices -business stock excange News Technology 

Advanced Micro Devices Company Stock Rises With Record Numbers

In the past decade, we’ve seen substantial growth in the area of computer processing technology, both for gaming and professional-grade use. It’s no secret that one semiconductor company, Intel, champions the production and market share of technology such as microchips. One of their competitors, and one of the only ones that pose a true threat to Intel’s market share, just... Read More
Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive Virtual Reality Showdown News Technology 

The Oculus Rift Vs. the HTC Vive: The Fundamental Future of Virtual Reality

The spawn of virtual reality in the world of entertainment has seen profound success, but questions have arisen surrounding its use outside the world of entertainment, and its integration into mainstream social media. While mobile virtual reality has seen affordable VR break into the mobile technology market with resounding success, one fact stands out: the cost of producing virtual reality... Read More

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