ancient scroll not dead sea News Science 

Cave that once housed Dead Sea scrolls uncovered in the Judean desert

For the first time in almost 70 years, archaeologists have uncovered a cave they believed once held Dead Sea scrolls. The scrolls, a series of priceless records dating back to the 4th Century BC, had up until now, thought to have been all discovered after a spate of caves were discovered holding the precious papyrus scrolls. So far, all of... Read More
Amazon Stonehenge alike reference News Science 

Ancient earthworks uncovered in the Amazon Jungle

Hundreds of ancient earthworks have been discovered in the Amazon, which up until now, had been lost to nature over the years, and have only recently reclaimed by deforestation. The structures, described as ditched enclosures, are contained within an area roughly 13,000 km2 within the Brazilian rainforest. Hypotheses abound, from village borders to defensive erections, but they have all been... Read More
Microfossils ancestor in China News Science 

Human’s earliest known ancestor found in China

A microscopic bag-like sea creature found in China is believed to be our earliest known ancestor according to research published in the journal Nature. The 540 million year old microfossil, Saccorhytus coronarius, was analysed by a range of experts from several leading universities including Cambridge and Northwest, and is now thought to be the common ancestor of a very large... Read More

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