overpopulation Science 

Human Overpopulation, a dystopian future that isn’t entirely unrealistic

You may have heard it said that there are more people alive now than have ever existed previously on Earth. Although that may seem like a tall tale, our booming population has brought about several issues including resource shortages, increased industrialization and various pressures on environmental sectors. Whilst human overpopulation seems like it might be a problem that has been... Read More
deforestation News Science 

Deforestation continues to be an issue, but how bad could it be?

Deforestation is an issue that has been plaguing several of the world’s forests for decades as farmers clear land for agriculture, loggers look to make money off the trees and countries clear large swathes in order to accommodate additional development. Whilst some deforestation is called for, there has been an increase in illegal logging or poor development practices that have... Read More
allergies Science 

Hypersensitive immune systems and the commonality of allergies

When Austrian scientist Clemens von Pirquet coined the term “allergy” in 1906, it is unsure whether or not he thought it would be used so prevalently in modern conversation. The renowned immunologist was the first to notice a hypersensitive reaction of a smallpox vaccine, one he called an ‘allergic reaction’. Of course, in modern time the word has grown to... Read More
dead zone, gulf of mexico News Science 

The Gulf of Mexico’s ‘ Dead Zone ’ could double in size this year

An oxygen-poor area in the Gulf of Mexico is expected to grow as runoff from American farms drastically increase the levels of Nitrogen in the water. Usually only about 13,700 square kilometres (5,300 square miles), Louisiana State University predicts the dead zone could stretch to almost 26,000 square kilometres (10,000 square miles). Federal agencies have tried to downplay the number,... Read More
drought Science 

Drought: the unspoken killer

Defined as a period of below-average precipitation sometimes coupled with increased temperatures, drought is an issues that has arisen for a multitude of reason throughout the years. Known to last several years – the longest recorded one lasted over 400 – droughts can have a dramatic effect on agricultural, the environment and local socio-economics. From the seasonal droughts that befall... Read More

Overfishing continues to be an issue

When the first settlers started colonizing the American West, bison were plentiful, within a hundred years their numbers had plummeted, with multiple populations hunted into extinction. Around the same time, whaling led to the collapse of several species, including the blue whale and sperm whale, whose respective populations are still reeling from the actions of the whaling era. In 1992,... Read More
fire, human Science 

Despite controlling it for millions of years, fire continues to support humankind.

The control of fire by early humans was a pivoting moment in human evolutionary history. By controlling fire our ancestors were able to provide warmth, protection and a way to cook food on a much more impressive scale than previously available. Once they were able to create fire, it allowed them to venture into the night, explore caves and enabled... Read More

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