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Chemical found in plastic water bottles and food preparation linked to several health risks

Plastic bottles have been at the forefront of testing and quality control ever since it became known that certain containers had a tendency to leach chemicals into the water it was holding. Over the years several leading universities, including the University of Cincinnati (2008 ) and Harvard (2009) have published studies linking the use of bisphenol A (BPA) in plastic... Read More
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Hypersensitive immune systems and the commonality of allergies

When Austrian scientist Clemens von Pirquet coined the term “allergy” in 1906, it is unsure whether or not he thought it would be used so prevalently in modern conversation. The renowned immunologist was the first to notice a hypersensitive reaction of a smallpox vaccine, one he called an ‘allergic reaction’. Of course, in modern time the word has grown to... Read More

Overfishing continues to be an issue

When the first settlers started colonizing the American West, bison were plentiful, within a hundred years their numbers had plummeted, with multiple populations hunted into extinction. Around the same time, whaling led to the collapse of several species, including the blue whale and sperm whale, whose respective populations are still reeling from the actions of the whaling era. In 1992,... Read More
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Study shows that potatoes can grow on Mars; experiment was a success

Author of The Martian, Andy Weir might have been on to something when he made his character survive his time on Mars by successfully planting and cultivating potatoes, with a group of scientists from the International Potato Center (CIP) close to confirming that the vegetable can indeed survive the Red Planet’s harsh conditions. Locked within a controlled and sealed environment... Read More

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