Best Laptop for school. Which laptops give the best value for back to school Technology 

Which laptops give the best value for back to school?

As if college wasn’t already expensive enough, incoming freshman must ask themselves (and their wallets) what type of laptop they should get for the school year – gone are the days of strolling into class with a notebook and pencil and hoping for the best; today, even the class syllabus is online. But with so many devices to choose from,... Read More
hate speech News Technology 

Hate Speech – How Responsible Are Tech Companies?

There was a time when hate speech was somewhat hidden – groups practiced their hatred behind closed doors. But in an age where the thoughts of those who hate can be immediately shared on social media sites, networks like 4Chan, Facebook, and Twitter have become breeding grounds for hatred and bigotry. Support and hatred for white nationalism, for example, came... Read More
The Text Age and How It Has Changed Our Ability to Communicate Technology 

The Text Age and How It Has Changed Our Ability to Communicate

A communication revolution has been occurring for the last 15 or so years as the smartphone has gained popularity, and this isn’t necessarily a good thing. Often you will hear about all the benefits of a connected world and how this is levelling the competitive landscape, but you don’t usually hear about how it is negatively affecting our ability to... Read More
artificial intelligence verge of Technology 

Are we on the verge of an AI takeover?

Earlier this year, renowned physicist Stephen Hawking warned that artificial intelligence should be something we must be careful of. This sentiment was echoed across several technological and IT sectors by various personalities such as Elon Musk, but the message doesn’t seem to have propagated far. The rise of machines, or the potential for AI to take over the world, has... Read More
fbi psa smart toys News Technology 

FBI issued a public service announcement related to Smart Toys

The FBI issued a public service announcement on July 17 related to consumer safety – but the threat is something you may not consider dangerous: internet-connected children’s toys. The Bureau says that these internet-connected devices could present privacy concerns for children and families alike. Although toys that incorporate technology that learn behavior are growing in popularity, so are the safety... Read More
fidget spinners Technology 

Are Fidget Spinners good for your health?

Since the explosion of fidget spinner popularity this year, there have been some claims that promote health benefits from playing with fidgets. Some claims suggest that kids and even grownups with ADHD, Autism or Anxiety show signs of health improvement.* You’ve probably noticed the asterisk at the end of previous sentence for the right reason; there is no scientific proof... Read More

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